What if feels like to be a Melbourne stripper

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Have you been looking to understand how some strippers broke into limelight? If you answered yes, you’ll probably find the account of one of the notable strippers Melbourne has to offer quite interesting. For privacy reasons, pseudo names were used in this interview as we don’t intend to disclose the real identities of the narrator and everyone else involved in the story.

What if feels like to be a Melbourne stripper

Here you go

I began off as a shot girl at the club.

I found out I’d be working at a gentlemen’s club during a job interview. I was surprised because that wasn’t included in the job description, but it didn’t stop me. I’m the type of person who will do anything once, and the job appeared to be rather straightforward: sell your shots and perform dances for additional cash.

For my first day of employment, I went to the agency and met several of the females.

“Hello, my name is Sadie!” I stated. The females exchanged glances. One female inquired, “Oh, is that your stage name?”

I was perplexed. “No, it is not my given name. Is it necessary for me to have a stage name?”

She informed me her name was Lizzie and that every female receives a stage name for safety reasons. Audrey had always been a favorite of mine, and it hadn’t been taken yet. So there I was, Audrey.

A well-dressed man suddenly arrived in front of me. Cory was his name, and he was my supervisor, he said. I rode on the club’s shuttle with the females because I didn’t have a car. When I eventually arrived at the club, I filled out paperwork and was ushered into a room with Cory for training.

After training, I changed into my uniform—a bright pink bra and matching thong, which was concealed by a skin-tight white mesh dress with a pink garter—and went downstairs to get my tray of shots.

“All right, then,” Cory replied.

Being an exotic dancer has a number of advantages, the most important of which is financial.

I went to the first table of males I saw when I got down on the floor. When approaching consumers, I was given a script with opportunity to improvise. So, I put my best face forward and walked over. I slid the shot between my breasts and turned to face my first possible client. “Would you be interested in a $5 boobie shot?” I inquired.

He answered, “No thanks, I’m enjoying a beer right now.” I scowled and suggested a standard shot for $2 instead. He turned me down once more. I gave it another go. “Would you mind buying me a shot and giving it to me before I leave?” He was definitely irritated as he glanced at me. “No, seriously, I’m fine.” I sighed, but a grin remained on my face. “OK, doll, but I’ll be there if you change your mind.”

The evening had gotten off to a rocky start.

I spotted Lizzie, the girl I met at the agency, as I surveyed the throng. She was down to her final two bullets. I dashed up to her, eager for assistance. “How did you manage to sell all of those shots so quickly?” I inquired. She said, “You just have to seem like you’re having a great time.” “Guys adore girls who are having a good time. Come along with me.”

She dragged me over to a table of four guys and danced with me. “Hello, boys, this is Audrey, my pal. “Buy her a drink!” The lads glanced at me with skepticism. “Hello!” I said as enthusiastically as I could. One of the guys responded, “Um, alright.”

“Wow!” exclaims the speaker. Lizzie was ecstatic. “Goodbye!” She swooped away with a spin. One of the men spoke out after a lengthy period of silence. He said, “Do you do dances?”

Finally, something I felt certain in: “I do!” I excitedly stated. I put my tray on an adjacent shelf and escorted my first customer upstairs.

He was a little man with a bashful demeanor. I could tell he was in a bad mood. To make him feel more at ease, he requested if I may chat to him throughout the dance. “Certainly!” says the speaker. “How was your day?” I said, wanting to strike up a discussion. He shrugged his shoulders.

This was an excellent presentation.

The remainder of the night sped by after my first dance. Six more dances were performed, and all of my shots were sold. That’s when I realized why ladies danced. I felt seductive and strong, as if I could command them to do anything I wanted.

It was 3:30 a.m. before I realized it. Cory approached all of the new females and pulled us off the floor to show us how to check out.

The other rookies appeared to be in a state of defeat. I’d seen them all night: most of their shot trays were filled to the brim. They had a peek at mine, which was absolutely devoid of everything.

One girl said, “How did you sell your entire tray?” I chuckled and said, “I believe they simply felt horrible for me.”

Cory checked our money and told me that of all the new females, I had made the most money. With a smirk, he continued, “That’s how you do it.”

Is it Possible for Me to Become a Stripper?

I couldn’t wait for my second shift to start. I arrived at the club, changed into my outfit, called my shots, and began working. An older man approached me at the end of the night and inquired whether I performed double dances (a lap dance with two girls). I told him I hadn’t tried it yet but was prepared to give it a shot. He turned around and yelled across the room to another dancer.

I turned around to find this stunning, tall blonde approaching me. Her blonde hair was shoulder length, her brown eyes were brown, and her abs were fantastic. She was dressed in a choker and a shiny silver bikini. Whitney was her name when she introduced herself. The man stated, “Audrey is going to do a double dance with you.” “Wonderful!” said Whitney. She took my hand in hers and guided us upstairs.

As we walked to our room, Whitney informed me that the gentleman’s name was Arthur, and that he was a regular at the club. She described him as “really sweet” and “extremely wealthy.” Arthur handed every one of us $100. We both went inside our rooms after getting a drink at the pub. Whitney put on some music, then she and I stripped off our clothes and began dancing on Arthur. He came to a halt after around 30 seconds. “All right, let’s switch it up,” he urged. “You sit on the sofa, Audrey, and you get on top of Whitney. I’ll keep an eye on things.” We followed his instructions.

We got dressed when the dancing was over. “This is actually rather enjoyable! “I think I want to be a dancer,” I told Whitney quietly. “Sometimes it gets strange, which is why I drink to get through it,” she explained, “but Arthur is amazing and always looks after the girls.” “Instead of becoming a shot girl, you should ask Anne if you may be a dancer,” she said. “There is always a need for extra dancers at the club.”

I made $250 that night. I realized how much more money I could earn if I didn’t spend so much time selling shots, so I went to Anne, the general manager, and asked if I could become a dancer instead. “Sure,” she stated emphatically. “Training will begin at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.”

I tracked down Whitney and told her what Anne had said, and the two of us shrieked with delight. I couldn’t wait to return.

What if feels like to be a Melbourne stripper

Final thoughts

With this short ordeal, you should understand how the strippers Melbourne features came to limelight.