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How to pick up a Melbourne stripper

Have you been looking to flirt with one of the strippers Melbourne has to offer? Well, we’ve taken the stress of you by compiling some useful tips that’ll come in quite handy, enjoy. 

How to pick up a Melbourne stripper

Here are ten tips for strip club success:

1. Go in with the right mindset: You know you’re a lot more intriguing and confident than 99 percent of the consumers that come to this location when you’ve got game. The majority of a stripper’s shift is spent having tiresome discussions with lame, predictable males. She’ll be pleasantly delighted to meet you once you’ve proved otherwise.

This is excellent advice. Only I know I’m considerably more intriguing and confident than 99.99999999 percent to 100% of the consumers in a Gentleman’s Club.

2. When you first step inside the club, stroll about with your head held high, as if you are completely at ease in this setting. Never linger or wander around as though you don’t know where to sit. Find a comfortable place, ideally near a speaker, and take a seat. (I’ll explain why shortly.) Do not take a seat on the “pervert row” (this is what the girls call the seats in front of the stage.)

Always enter with swag, and some serious dollars. I prefer sitting near the bar.

3. Allowing a stripper you like to sit on your lap is not a good idea. Make her take a seat next to you. (”Whoa, that was simple! Please take a seat next to me till we get to know one another better.”) In the strip club, having a cocky, fun attitude goes a long way. It exudes confidence and demonstrates that you are aware of her “game” and are not going to play by her rules.

In an outside smoking area, I don’t mind if an Exotic Dancer sits on my lap. But not at a nightclub.

Also, don’t agree if she asks you a dance right away. Act as though you didn’t hear her correctly and that she asked YOU to dance for her.

Get dances only if it’s your sole chance to isolate a female, such as in a no-alcohol grind place. Then, as you pitch, just have her sit next to you. Alternatively, if you’re seeking for a “Buzzer Beater.”

“Are you sure you can afford me?” you could ask. I charge $100 for three songs and no below-the-belt touching.”

This is a line I’m not sure about. It’s a bit wacky. However, the “spin” is correct.

Request that she take a seat next to you and inquire about her name. She’ll reveal her “dancing name” to you. (Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Destiny, and so forth.) Give a fun reaction to this: “My dancer name is Hercules.” I go to the club down the street on Tuesdays and Thursdays to dance. But here’s the deal: if you tell me your true name, I’ll give you mine. Just assure me that you won’t follow me around or do anything strange.”

Again, it’s a little wacky. I usually have little trouble obtaining a Dancer’s genuine name. However, I usually wear Savile Row tailored suits, so that may be a role.

Say it in a lighthearted way, and she’ll giggle and give you her true name. You’re now engaging her on a true level, and you’re breaking her out of her “job” mindset. Strippers, like salespeople, have a prepackaged “script” that they use on every customer; when you take charge of the relationship rather than answering her questions, she is unable to utilize her script and is forced to be honest with you.

You should sit with her near a speaker (this is where I advised you sit), since now you can say, “Let’s move somewhere quieter, I want to be able to hear you.” This demonstrates that you care about what she has to say and gives it the impression of a “little date”: you’re taking her someplace, even if it’s only across the room. Leading a woman to another place physically is an excellent approach to demonstrate masculinity and confidence.

This notion appeals to me. I do the same thing, only I lounge in the bar and go for a smoke with an Exotic. It helps to establish a rapport.

4. Keep your eyes off of her body and maintain eye contact. Never comment on how good she looks; if anything, call her “cute.”

“You’re adorable, yet I can tell you’re more than meets the eye. So, tell me something about yourself that none of these consumers would know.” (You’re framing yourself as a non-customer once more.)

Excellent execution. Never act like a “regular guy.”

5. Be respectful of her occupation. Never use the phrase “stripping” for her; instead, use the phrase “dancer.” Mention (or insinuate) that you’ve dated dancers previously and that you’re familiar with her line of work. Then I’ll remark something like, “It’s too bad I gave up dating dancers because I know you and I would get along.” (If she asks why, you don’t date dancers, be ambiguous and say something like, “It’s a lengthy tale, I’ll tell you about it sometime.” Then give her a follow-up question that encourages her to continue to ponder and share.

Another good line to use: “I know you must have some funny stories from working here. My friend is a dancer in Melbourne, and she told me some hilarious stories about the customers who come in these places”

Too standardized. Every girl has heard these one a million times.

6. Make friends with the employees, which includes bouncers, coat check, bus boys, DJs, managers, and the owner. When you come in, the employees should recognize you and greet you. In the perspective of the dancers, this provides you a high social worth (or “social proof”); you’re not a normal client.

Become the club’s most well-known member.

It’s simple to make friends with male employees: I’ll carry a can of Red Bull over to the doorman and say, “Here, I thought you could use this,” before handing him the beverage. Then remind him, “You must be the envy of all your friends—getting paid to hang around at a club full of gorgeous, half-naked ladies every night.” My name is Dean, by the way.”

The doorman will proceed to tell you why working at a strip club is everything from thrilling and glamorous nine times out of ten. Have a few laughs with him, then return to your seat after a few minutes of chatting. He knows who you are now, and he will be grateful for the gesture. He’ll greet you warmly every time you return from now on.

Even more social evidence may be gained by befriending the management or owner. To do so, I’ll ask my waitress to point out the person in charge of the establishment. Then I’ll introduce myself to the manager/owner and tell them this is one of my favourite clubs. Then I’ll mention that I’m looking for a decent site for my friend’s forthcoming bachelor party, and I believe this venue would be ideal. I’ll inquire about the cost of reserving a VIP room with numerous dancers for a few hours.

How to pick up a Melbourne stripper

(I never return for a bachelor party; instead, I utilize this as an “ice breaker” to get to know the manager/owner.) They are eager to speak with me about this. When I return in the future, if they ever ask me about the bachelor party plans, I say with a smile, “well actually, it looks like we’ll be throwing him a divorce party pretty soon. Do you do those, too?”

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